Le domaine

Domaine Batard Langelier is a family estate that spans several generations: since 2017, I’ve been representing the 3rd generation to tend our family vineyards.
Located in Maisdon sur Sèvre, 30 minutes south-east of Nantes, the estate extends over 20 hectares on a gentle slope in the meeting point of our two famous rivers: the SèvreNantaise and the Maine.
Just a short 50km from the Atlantic Ocean as the crow flies, this geography gives the vineyard the benefit of oceanic influences.
My vineyard plots, often older, flourish on a variety of metamorphic subsoils of Granite, Gneiss and Gabbro.
At the Domaine, we strive to bring out the full richness and potential of the Melon de Bourgogne, a grape variety emblematic of the Nantes vineyards and adapted over centuries to the region’s soils.
We cultivate our grapes according to organic farming practices.
The wines we produce are part of the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine appellation.
We also make two crus Muscadets, Château Thébaud and Monnières Saint Fiacre.


A linked history
The story of the estate is a rich one of close ties.
Human bonds: those of the family, of the people of the village, of the grape harvesters, of the generations who have worked for the vines, but also the bonds that nature weaves from the roots to the grapes, to the elements, to the seasons.

Denis et Pascal
A special bond – that of my father Pascal and his father – my grandfather Denis, from whom he learned to caress the vines with his eyes, to scan the horizon, to learn the gestures, patience, hard work and vinification.
Pascal has inscribed his Muscadet, as he likes it, in the purest tradition of the Nantes vineyards.
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